Sarah Winkler / Moment

“We need the experience of being romantically and poetically lost in the wilderness, and being found again” -Sarah Winkler

MOMENT was Directed and edited by Jesse Brass

Cinematography by Jesse Brass & Tim Brass

Music courtesy of Kai Engel, Lee Rosevere and Pictures of a Floating World


Thank you Tom Vasselli, Diane McGregor, Nina Tichava, Rachel Doniger, Jennifer Perlow, Alex Wade

and special thanks to Sarah Winkler, K Contemporary and Gallery MAR for making this film possible.

Jonathan Saiz 

Artist Jonathan Saiz and Denver Art Museum Curator Becky Heart discuss His concurrent exhibitions , “Colorado Coastal” at K Contemporary and #WhatIsUtopia at the Denver Art Museum

Daisy Patton - This is Not Goodbye / A Rewilded Arcadia

Artist Daisy Patton and CU Art Museum Director Sandra Firmin offer exclusive insight about Daisy's work and her upcoming exhibitions at the University of Colorado Boulder and at K Contemporary.

Kevin Sloan - A Wanderer's Garden

Artist Kevin Sloan discusses the concepts behind his Solo exhibition "A Wanderer's Garden" at K Contemporary.

Doug Kacena - Crossover

The recent exhibit "Crossover"continues to stimulate exciting conversation on both the local and National level and is featured in numerous publications including the Denver Post, Westword, Southwest Art Magazine, American Art Collector Magazine, 303 Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur, 5280 Magazine and 1/1 Magazine.

David and Beverly Schler, of Schler Productions created the Emmy nominated exhibition video that sets the context for deeper exploration of the work.  They are currently working with Colorado Public Television (CPT 12) our local PBS Station, as the Fiscal Sponsor to bring you, "Crossover, Realism /Abstraction" a feature length documentary exploring creativity and the arts. We are seeking funding, which will enable additional filming, editing and completion of this exciting documentary. 

The feature length documentary will begin where the exhibition video left off. It will lead the viewer into larger questions such as how each of us – artists or otherwise create our own perception of reality and how we might find common ground with each other, who at first glance seem to be worlds apart. How poignant this is given today’s societal environment.

Carlene Frances

My work emerges from the aesthetic power of Asian design elements. I explore non-objective line, symbolic circles (enso), squares, and the relationship among color, content and opposites. It reflects the juxtaposition of complexities versus simplicities;large simplistic planes of glazed luminous color fused with shapes and complex areas of spontaneous gestural lines. I seek to eliminate the unnecessary so the necessary may speak. The result is the harmonizing of ostensible opposites (yin& yang); therefore, creating balance.